Automated house 2.0 – #39 The pain of Fibre to the facilities (FTTP)

After sharing next door’s Web for a few months we now have our own fibre connection. regrettably getting right here has been a unpleasant experience.

The Worst double Act in History?

The BT as well as Openreach double act are a lot more comical than Laurel as well as Hardy, however the slapstick soon uses thin.

We have fibre running along our road as well as I always understood getting an FTTP connection to the new Automated house was going to be possible, however I likewise understood it was going to take stamina. Our other next door neighbour logged over 50 hours on the phone over lots of months, trying to organise his FTTP, before lastly providing up as well as opting for a wireless option instead.

While we were building we had to run a copper cord in the BT supplied ducting. BT would not take an buy for fibre up until we had copper phone line installed first. In an age when we are meant to be saving our natural resources a lot more than ever, exactly how lots of metres of copper cable are going into the ground that will never be used?

Once the standard line was in we were then enabled to buy the fibre. This led to a ‘full house’ on the normal BT Bingo game. lost orders, re-orders, delays as well as no shows at visits after staying off work as well as sitting in for hours waiting. On one follow-up contact us to BT the woman told me that NI Openreach team were especially difficult to get on the phone. The irony of the UK’s greatest communications partnership not being able to get in touch with each other was not lost on me. on that exact same phone call I was asked if I would have the Openreach people number that serviced our home previously as well as be able to phone him myself. The woman explained if she rang them that would be seen to be an unfair advantage to BT over other broadband providers. BT cannot get in touch with Openreach? Really?

Blown Fibre

It was fascinating to lastly enjoy the fibre being blown down the ducting from our garage to the pole. We have a much neater (Nokia?) ONT FTTP modem than the last home although the fibre looks rather prone against the wall.

It was one more wait of lots of weeks before things progressed on from this stage though. as well as I was still fielding the normal ill-informed BT phone phone calls stating my house would be ‘surveyed soon’ even though I already had fibre in my garage.

From the point where the fibre enters the garage it is patched into an RJ45 wall-box as well as the in-wall cord from there heads over to the rack in one more corner of the garage. I will be adding a PoE Splitter right here so we can power the ONT from our UniFi switch.


The whole process took numerous phone phone calls as well as several visits. Persistence is the name of the game though as well as we had our final go to from Openreach, with whatever lastly linked up 7 months after I put our order.

In the end this was generally thanks to ‘Chris’ a regional get in touch with at Openreach who took control, sorted the problems as well as made things happen. I feel really sorry for these people having to offer with systems which are so clearly damaged as well as in overall disarray.

I had 3 x £25 credit scores used to my account over the whole saga, however just like our previous experience, I would much like that BT as well as Openreach keep their money as well as just get it ideal instead.

In the last few weeks we have installed a UDM-Pro as our FTTP Router – however a lot more on that in a future post.

We now have a sub 20ms ping time as well as a 150/30 service, with the quicker Up speed especially welcomed as it makes streaming our UniFi secure cam system even smoother. The next pricing tier would take us to a 300/50 connection as well as there must be lots of capability to go all the method to 900mbps in the future if as well as when required.

A quick Web connection is central to so lots of things we perform in the house today as well as it’s such a happiness to lastly have here, in spite of all the pain of the process. So then, if you are about to set out on your journey with BT / Openreach you have my sympathy, however hang on in there, FTTP is worth the wait.

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